Our Mission

The group was initially created with three purposes in mind:

1) to organise and hold regular monthly (and eventually fortnightly) social meetings for the members of the local transgender community;

2) to facilitate greater communication and interaction between various smaller local transgender groups related to the two universities, churches, etc.;

3) to get the local councils more involved and to establish with their help a regular venue and a dedicated telephone helpline for local transgender people.

Although originally it was designed to provide support to just adult transgender individuals, it didn’t take us long to realise the needs of the other groups close to our circle: transgender youth, partners and parents of the transgender and gender non-conforming people. 

We aim to help everyone whose lives have been affected by gender identity issues.

What Does TransOxford Do?

 • Provides safe friendly environment for transgender and gender non-conforming people 

 • Acts as a point of contact for social support 

 • Assists in interpersonal communication and exchange of information and experience between the members of trans and gender non-conforming community 

 • Helps finding sources of legal, medical, psychological and social assistance 

 • Promotes positive attitude and boosts personal confidence for those living with gender dysphoria 

 • Assists in better social integration throughout the transition 

 • Helps fight depression and suicidal tendencies 

 • Assists in establishing a positive dialogue with the partners, parents, relatives, colleagues and authorities